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My Top 3 Summer Tunes…

I’m feeling more country than usual, if possible. The music has made its way into my playlist, and I’m gonna share some of my favorite songs with you. Wherever your summer vacation may take you, having some tunes just makes it that much sweeter.

 Of course I listen to the regular pop and rock music, but like I said I’m feeling country today. Surprised? Didn’t think so…

 Here’s The Top 3 “Cheeky” Tunes For the Summer…

 Carrie Underwood

 Of course I had to start with Carrie… How could I not? She’s my go-to girl. Maybe it’s the way she writes her songs, or maybe just her awesome voice, I’m not quite sure. Something about her music always gets me pumped up and ready to cruise down the river (a personal favorite vacation spot).

 Picture it: you’re riding horseback or sitting by the fire on your very own ranch, with a little Carrie Underwood in the background. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect picture? It sure does to me, but

 Song(s) of Choice: Blown Away, Good Girl, Before He Cheats

 Lady Antebellum

Not gonna lie, when Lady Antebellum first came out I wasn’t a huge fan. Apparently music tastes of mine tend to change, so here I am writing about them. I know they’ve gotten some slack because of their name… Antebellum is noted as the pre-Civil War south. Which, many say, was built on the backs of slaves, and is therefore derogatory.

 I don’t usually go on rants but for those of you who think this is something worth getting upset over… You have my condolences. I enjoy their music and I wouldn’t support them if that’s what they stood for, but for right now I’m just enjoying their tunes.

 Song of Choice: Just a Kiss

 Miranda Lambert

 If anyone went to Go Fest, you’d know what I’m talking about. I love Miranda Lambert, she’s super spunky and I love her music. Her and Carrie are kind of peas in a pod, I heard that she even gave Carrie a motorcycle… But that might just be a rumor. Either way, I love her spunk.

 She’s an edgier version of Carrie Underwood, or so it seems like to me. Either way, I do have some similar tastes here. Check out this Carrie-Miranda duet.

 Song of Choice: The House That Built Me

 Yep In Case You Didn’t Notice… Girl Power!

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