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Wish I Was Here…

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Most people say I want to live in the mountains so I can be away from people… This is not true, I am a people person, but I really do hate traffic. That 405 freeway is killer.

But, like I said, I’m a huge people person. I love interacting, talking, and learning from people. It’s just that the mountains and the countryside are so beautiful, I can’t imagine not being there. Sure it’s cold and a little out of the way, but it’s gorgeous and I need to visit it at the very least…

It’s just so much green, and those purple majestic mountains are just calling my name. There’s a reason it made it’s way into our national anthem 🙂

Saving up so that one day I’ll make it there 🙂 here’s a few of the places I’d absolutely love to have.

Have a great rest of your Tuesday everyone!


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